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Terms of Service


  1. Preliminary Consultation of 40 minutes or less will determine client/artist contract relationship and discuss client needs/goals.

  2. Blog/Article Entries are to be 500 words or less unless previously agreed upon in writing.

  3. When possible, events are to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance and to financial obtainability. Venue and dates vary.

  4. Social Media Posts are updated regularly by weekly calendar. Posts are divided between a selection of online social media platforms, at  client discretion.

  5. Reputation Management consultations will be scheduled on an as need basis and include written and or oral statements to public or private parties.

  6.  Audience Targeting consultations will determine client’s desired audience and determine media outlets that match said audiences. Consultation may accompany clause 1.

  7. Client will allow approximately 7 business days from hire for contract completion and processing. Client will return signed contract within 3 business days.

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