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The Next Big Thing Out Of The Bronx Is This Female Rapper: Maliibu Miitch

Maliibu Miitch is more than a playful Paid In Full tribute to ‘90’s nostalgia. Her stage name represents two completely different sides of The Bronx-repping MC — and it’s a name to which she credits much of her success. On one front, Malibu keeps her composure in business meetings while dressed in a neon mini skirt. On another side, the red-lipped Miitch prefers a four-course chicken tender meal in the studio. In this interview, we are revealing all the sides of this badass Bronx BAUCE’s bubbly yet fiery personality.

Once a street corner battle rapper, Maliibu Miitch is now hipped from seven years deep in the game and is getting shout outsfrom big hip-hop names like Nicki Minaj. “The Bronx’s Next Big Rapper” is the young woman who penned “Give Her Some Money”, and just finished her first tour with Rico Nasty. She’s equipped with the bag, complete with labels, viral videos, and covetable cosigns. Her look changes daily from flirty rap queen to gritty gangsta, just as fluidly as the bars she spits.

If you don’t know Maliibu Miitch, let me introduce you to an unapologetically original artist and respected lyricist that was recently signed to Atlantic Records. Though she doesn’t recommend replicating her entire lifestyle at home, you can learn how she uses perseverance, confidence, and drive to improve the community that she came from. 

You’re at Atlantic Records. Girl, your time is now! What upcoming projects are currently on the horizon?

Maliibu Miitch: Yeah, I’m just working on putting out music and shooting some videos. I have a video shoot coming up – I released a song called Bum Bitch so I’m [going to] release the video for that. I’m shooting that within like the next two weeks, so right now I’m just literally focused on getting a project out. It’s been some time coming exactly like you say. The last time I put out a real body of work was back in 2013, as far as a solo project.

How do you stay grounded? Can you share with us your self-care routines?

Maliibu Miitch: I’m like an old soul, I’ve stayed humbled and grounded my whole entire life. I think that’s from being from the hood, poor your whole life, like you can’t talk no shit you know? I think that’s what it was, coming up not havin’ nothing prepared me, I’m a humble person, I have no need to brag, I never get ahead of myself. I barely like even talking about myself, let alone just going off the deep end over there (giggles).

I don’t know, honestly I just keep my family around. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now. I’ve had so many situations, in and out of things so that humbled me – aside from already being like that.

You just finished the Rico Nasty Tour. Details please! What city was most lit? How did you compliment the show?

Maliibu Miitch: Shit the city that was most lit probably was… I ain’t gon’ lie New york was the very lit one. Canada was so lit. New Orleans took me by surprise actually – They were so lit and LA, (her voice perks up) oh definitely LA, they were really fn’ with me out there.

It was just a very different experience. Her (Rico’s) fan-base is very different, I would have never thought that they would have interacted with me like that, would f*** with my music like that. I grew quite a few fans out there being on the road with her. It was a real cool experience, and that was my first tour. 

You  claim you’re not a role model but you are definitely schooling the next generation. People are looking up to you (you recently appeared at the ENVSN Festival and you’re all about female empowerment). What message are you trying to send to the people?

Maliibu Miitch: No matter what someone’s always gonna look up to you, it’s gonna be people you never would have thought, little kids, grown people from all ages. Sometimes I know I do things that I shouldn’t do. I would never want anyone to follow in my footsteps, cause I remember when I had a role model. I used to do everything like them. I was obsessed, and I don’t feel like you should ever idolize someone that much. I would never want someone to idolize me to the point that they’re doing good and bad that comes with me. That what I mean when I mean role model.

What I stand for is no matter what keep going. If you’ve been in situations, if you come from nothing, no matter what keep going to the end goal. Wherever you see yourself, just envision it and keep it going believing that. If you set your dreams to something you should be working toward that – If you want to go to school for hair, you should actually be doing people’s hair. No matter how many people don’t believe in you, just hold yourself down. You believing in yourself is more than anybody else believing in you.

In recent interviews, you mentioned K Michelle as someone who helped you “make it” in your journey. How has networking helped you become a BAUCE?

Maliibu Miitch: She helped out a lot with the Atlantic situation. She was the first person physically, to tell Atlantic about me. First of all, I love that she’s a Pisces, I’m a Pisces we’ve got the same birthday, which is F-ing crazy! So I was like, ugh, I already understand you bi***.

It was just cool meeting somebody that was a writer. I’m big on meeting people that write their music. If you don’t I’m fine with that too, it’s nobody’s business, but when I find somebody that writes as well as being an artist, it’s a certain type of conversation we could have. When they listen to your music versus somebody that isn’t a writer.

When I played my music for K Michelle she just sat there and was so in awe. She hung off every bar, what I was saying, how I pronounce stuff. It was everything (gushing), as a writer, I appreciated it. The things she was saying, an average person couldn’t have said that to me. On that tip, I loved everything about it. You know just meeting her. She was such a sweet person to me, and I thank her for telling Atlantic [Records] about me of course.

Let’s switch things up.  If you were Mayor of the Bronx, what would your campaign slogan and platform be?

Maliibu Miitch: [Laughing] Oh my God that’s so funny! I’m gonnado it one day, I see myself like deadass being the Mayor of the Bronx! I just want to do some never before seen shit. I wanna help where I come from. I hate when people forget where they come from, meaning they never go back to help. Or go out of the country and all these other places to go help these people – That’s great too, but I feel like especially coming from the hood, it’s not a few of us that actually make it out. If you do, I think you always gotta come back and help.

My slogan would be The people’s champ: For the people, by the people! I would be going out there fixing public schools. When I was younger my teacher never had chalk in the classroom, the markers were dried out. We used to have to share textbooks – that’s ridiculous. I look at all these elementary and middle schools down south, they’ve got locker rooms, big ass football fields, beautiful basketball gyms – like they bein the NBA or something, they got jerseys.

We never had that at none of my schools. I wanna give that [to my community] you know? 

In the last electoral race, a lot of women won! What are your thoughts on the feminist movement and women getting what they deserve right now?

Maliibu Miitch: I love it! I’m excited for women right now.  We’re leading the forefront. Any time I see a female doing good I praise her. If she can win I can win. That’s one more female next to me that these men aren’t tryna conquer. 

So let’s talk about your different personalities: Maliibu v.s. Miitch. Who are they?

Maliibu Miitch: Maliibu is really bubbly, somebody that could make me laugh, and have fun with. Malibu and Miitch are two different sides of me. Miitch is more gritty – likes a gangsta, so bold, knows herself and is super confident. I’m a very strong-minded female, and I got an attitude that’s outta this world.

Maliibu is more playful, likes to do shoots. You’ll see colors like pink green, yellows and purples. I might f*** around and do colorful hair. Miitch would be dark reds, dark browns, burgundy, and probably a black.

I show Maliibu around executives and people, and sometimes Maliibu don’t get the job done because she’s so nice and soft-spoken, comes around and smiles. They think it’s all games. When Miitch comes out I’m upfront, very blunt with what I wanna do. Miitch don’t let nobody tell her what to do. How to dress or how to do make up. Maliibu will hear people out, Miitch’s mind is made up.

Who are you feeling like right now? Which one is the BAUCE?

Maliibu Miitch: I’m feelin’ like Miitch right now. My family ain’t made it yet so Maliibu ain’t gonna pop out, she’s in the closet somewhere with R.Kelly – Trapped in a Closet. My mom is still working, my little sister and my nephew are still running around in The Bronx. When my family, friends, and I get right, then Maliibu will be alright, andMiitch can go into hibernation for a little bit, stack her bread and just chill. Right now it’s grinding season, grind time – it’s Miitch.

Want more of Maliibu or Miitch? Follow this BAUCE bae on Twitter and Instagram.

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